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Author Kelly Browne Reissues Thank-You Note Book: ‘101 Ways To Say Thank You’ with Social Media Tips

author Kelly Browne

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 28, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “In the electronic revolution we live in, nothing makes an impact and expresses your gratitude more than the classic handwritten thank you note, sent in the mail with a stamp!” says Kelly Browne, author of the bestselling book, “101 Ways To Say Thank You” (ISBN: 9781402747021; Sterling Publishing) being reissued with digital tips on April 28, 2015.

Having written hundreds of thank you notes in her personal, social, and professional life in motion pictures and television, former Los Angeles debutante Kelly Browne has an extensive background in the social graces and has appeared on dozens of media outlets worldwide.

“We are part of an exciting time as we are able to virtually communicate with people around the world in a split second. Mutual respect, civility, and tolerance for other people’s beliefs and choices, are key in what we say and do-online or offline-as we truly become citizens of the world.” Browne advises, “Embrace your blessings, be grateful for what you have-you will be happier-and always say, ‘thank you!’ Gratitude is the silver thread that connects us all.”

This refreshed and reissued etiquette classic, updated with new information for the digital age, provides all the dos and don’ts for appreciation online, along with perfectly phrased thank you note fill-in-the blanks templates for virtually every occasion: from weddings and baby showers to business, interviews, donations, dinners, sympathy, charity events, and life’s special occasions in-between. This indispensable guide is the perfect gift and must have reference to ensure you’re never at a loss for words of appreciation.

With a forward by etiquette expert and author of “Modern Manners,” Dorothea Johnson, “101 Ways to Say Thank You: Notes of Gratitude for all Occasions” carries endorsements from legendary stationery house Crane & Co., The Protocol School of Washington, and the Etiquette & Leadership Institute, as does the version for grateful girls and guys, “101 Ways to Say Thank You: Kids & Teens: All Occasion Thank-You Note Templates, Social Media Etiquette & Gratitude Guide” (Cedar Fort), out July 14, 2015 and available now for pre-order.

Browne urges, “Spread the magic of gratitude. We can make our world a better place – one thank-you note at a time!”

Ms. Browne will be signing both books at Bookstar, Studio City on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 1 p.m.

For more information, other Barnes & Noble Author Events and book giveaways please visit:

Book Summary:
“101 Ways to Say Thank You: Notes of Gratitude for all Occasions”
Kelly Browne
ISBN: 9781402747021
Hardcover, 8.3 x 6.4, $12.95 ($13.95 Can)
Publication Date: April 28, 2015.

*PHOTO (book jacket):

TWITTER: @KellyBrowne6

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Five Reasons to Give Yourself the Holiday Gift of Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care

KIRKLAND, Wash., Dec. 10, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — If you’re 50-plus, Denise Gott has some holiday advice for you. “Consider giving yourself the gift of long-term care insurance,” she says. “It just might lift your spirits during the gift-giving season.” Gott is CEO of ACSIA Partners, a leader in long-term care planning.

There are 5 reasons why you might enjoy the holidays more if you secure LTC insurance this month, according to Gott.

1. Asset Protection. “With insurance available to pay for care, you’ll breathe easier knowing you’ve protected your retirement assets,” Gott says. “Your savings and equity won’t be as vulnerable to unexpected care costs.” This knowledge alone can make December more enjoyable, Gott points out.

2. Lifestyle Protection. “With LTC insurance and a good retirement plan, you can look forward to independence and a satisfying existence in spite of needing care,” Gott says. “Otherwise, you might have no choice but to move to an institution.”

3. Asset Protection of Family. “Your children and other relatives will appreciate the fact that you have taken financial responsibility for your own future. They will breathe easier knowing their own assets aren’t at risk to pay for your care.”

4. Lifestyle Protection of Family. Many working Americans, mostly women, lose time from work or take early retirement to become long-term caregivers for a relative who lacks long-term care insurance. This disrupts their lives and diminishes lifetime earnings. “If you give yourself the gift of LTC insurance this December, it’s also a gift to your family,” says Gott.

5. Tax Relief. A substantial portion of LTC premiums may be deducted on federal income tax returns. Many states offer additional tax deductions or credits. “Why not smile at tax time?” says Gott. “Get yourself set up for 2015 and every year after.”

For all these reasons, “You’ll have less to worry about this December,” says Gott. “You can pay more attention to sharing gifts and good times. And family members, less worried about you, can relax and enjoy themselves more too.” All around, your holiday might be more festive and satisfying than ever.

The process of securing LTC insurance can be satisfying too. The key, says Gott, is to link up with an advisor you trust. When that happens, “Many people tell us their stress just melts away.”

Knowledgeable professionals, representing multiple insurance carriers, may be found at the ACSIA Partners website:

Visitors may explore a range of affordable long-term care planning options that include but are not limited to LTC insurance. These choices range from critical illness insurance and annuities to life insurance with LTC riders. By-phone or face-to-face meetings are also available.

About ACSIA Partners LLC:

ACSIA Partners LLC – – is one of America’s largest and most experienced long-term care insurance solution agencies. The company is also a co-founder and sponsor of the “3in4 Need More” campaign, run by the 3in4 Association, which encourages Americans to form a long-term care plan.

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Pennsylvania Dog Trainer Dispels Traditional Dog Training Techniques

Christine Pazdalski

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa., Dec. 1, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — You can teach an old dog new tricks (as well as their owners), according to Christine Pazdalski, owner of Puppy Love, LLC.

She says that while most people are familiar with conventional dog training doctrine, it does not have to be the only dogma out there. Traditional dogma follows an alpha principle which is no longer considered the most effective way to go. Behavior that was once frowned upon (treating a dog like a child, eating before he does or walking in front of him before going through an open door) are beginning to lose some steam.

Why? Pazdalski explains that dogs have evolved and so should their training.

“Domesticated dogs have been living alongside human beings and interacting with us for thousands of years,” she says. “And, while they have certainly retained a variety of their wild ancestors’ instincts, their social intelligence, cognitive ability and ability to learn more closely resemble a toddler’s than a wolf’s.”

As a certified professional dog trainer, it is Pazdalski’s mission to replace dominance-based methods with humane, science-based positive training.

“I am so excited to share my knowledge of these recent dog training and behavior discoveries,” she says. “Once dog owners understand that they can relate to their dog on a different level, it becomes exciting for them too.”

Based on the science of animal behavior, learning and cognition, as well as the proven effectiveness of positive reinforcement, this positive dog training builds bonds.

Puppy Love LLC also has a different approach to how the training is executed. Rather than quickly explaining the concept and setting the dog and their owner out to fend for themselves, they believe in handling the initial dog training first. Only then do they pass along the tools and skills to the owners so they can maintain and reinforce what the dog has already learned. An initial consultation leads to a customized dog training program for each client.

“It’s what we do,” she says. “We do our job while you do yours.”

About Puppy Love, LLC:

Puppy Love, LLC was founded in 2001 by Christine Pazdalski, a certified professional dog trainer. She trains dogs, puppies and their people in the Main Line area and throughout Chester and Montgomery counties. She is the winner of the Best of Phoenixville: Best Dog Training 2013 and 2014, and is one of the Top Five Dog Trainers on The Philly Hot List 2014.

Learn more at: .

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Pumpkin Pie Spice Book Lends Welcome Warmth to Last-Minute Hostess Gift Decisions

Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookbook

NEW YORK, N.Y., Nov. 26, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Pumpkin pie spice captures the essence of comfort and hospitality with its distinctive, subtle aroma of cloves, ginger, cinnamon and allspice. Now, thanks to super-foods author Stephanie Pedersen, the spice blend’s captivating flavor is no longer limited to the traditional Thanksgiving table and the pumpkin pie.

Pedersen’s new book, “The Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Sweets, Treats, and Other Autumnal Delights” (ISBN: 9781454913986), beautifully illustrates the manner in which pumpkin pie spice lends a welcome warmth to a range of fare.

“Pumpkin pie may be traditional Thanksgiving fare, but pumpkin pie spice is anything but ho-hum,” says Pedersen. “The spices share a special alchemy and a range of uses which delight fans of their flavors throughout the year.”

In the book’s pages, the reader will find chai latte and vegan nogs, waffles, chilis, bisques, breads, and chutneys standing shoulder to shoulder in the slim 96 page, 40-recipe volume, designed to surprise and delight.

Readers across the web agree the book is a perfect hostess gift, and Pedersen agrees.

“Unfortunately, guests often choose host or hostess gifts at the last minute, and the result often looks and feels thrown together. Those types of offerings can reflect poorly on the giver,” she says. “In contrast, everything about this book is gracious and thoughtful, reflecting the qualities most valued in a host or hostess.”

Pedersen suggests the book may be gifted alone for a casual dinner, or paired with a measure of one’s favorite pumpkin spice blend and a bottle of complementary wine for more upscale occasions.

If you want to learn more about Stephanie Pedersen, her super-foods expertise, or to obtain a personal or gift copy of “The Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Sweets, Treats, and Other Autumnal Delights,” visit .

E-Book Product Details
E-Book ISBN-13: 9781454913993
Hardcover ISBN-13: 9781454913986
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 9/2/2014
Format: eBook/Hardcover
Pages: 96
E-Book File size: 7 MB
Hardcover Product dimensions: 6.10 (w) x 6.10 (h) x 0.60 (d).

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Sustaining Local Expertise, Responding to Global Health Threats

Tuberculosis control

OAKLAND, Calif., Oct. 28, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ebola is dominating the news headlines, bringing public health into the spotlight. Tragically, thousands have died. In the U.S., public health departments everywhere are quickly learning about Ebola and taking measures to prevent an epidemic here; but they are not starting from scratch, says the California Tuberculosis Controllers Association (CTCA).

The essential skills required when responding to Ebola, such as contact tracing, isolation, quarantine and proper wearing and removal of personal protective equipment are all familiar. They do these things everyday to combat diseases such as tuberculosis.

One third of the world is infected with Tuberculosis, or TB. That’s over 2 billion people. TB kills 1.3 million people each year worldwide. TB is a threat not just in other countries but also here in the United States. Every 4 hours a Californian is diagnosed with TB, and while there are medications to treat most strains of TB, about 9 percent of all Californians diagnosed with TB will not recover.

“With 2,170 cases of TB reported last year in the state and a nearly 10 percent death rate, we must maintain robust TB control programs to control and prevent this airborne threat every day,” said Michael Stacey, President of the California TB Controllers Association. “We need strong stable programs to work toward TB elimination and strong TB programs to provide the capacity to respond quickly to emerging health threats like Ebola.”

“In Alameda County TB control, we work with private providers in the community to rapidly identify and isolate suspected TB cases, and we work to identify people who have been exposed and possibly infected across the county,” said Dr. Erica Pan, Deputy Health Officer of Alameda County. “Our preparations for Ebola just build upon the existing infectious disease experience and expertise of our public health doctors and nurses in partnership with community providers and their routine work of controlling TB throughout Alameda County.”

TB is spread from person to person through the air when a person with active TB coughs and those around them breathe in the bacteria. Some people will live with TB infection without ever developing active TB disease. Others will progress to active TB that can spread from one person to another through the air. Californians need to know their risks, talk with their health care provider about their risks and get tested and treated if recommended.

“Public health TB programs protect the health of the public every day by finding and treating active cases of TB in our communities. To protect us all, they make sure that TB is treated regardless of a patient’s insurance status or ability to pay.” said Margo Sidener, President and CEO, Breathe California. “To eliminate TB and to respond to new emerging threats, public health needs stable resources. The current Ebola situation is a stark reminder of the importance of these programs. Since the Great Recession, public health program funding has been cut nationwide, and NOW is the time to reinforce these programs.”

For information about TB, visit the California Tuberculosis Controllers Association website, .

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Vegas Tourism

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Oct. 28, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s not hard to lose money in Las Vegas says Remember the phrase, “The house always wins”? For the most part, gone are the days when hotel/casino heads figured that if they could get the tourists there, they’d spend so much money gambling it was worth it to sell prime rib plates for $4.99 and offer cheap entertainment.

Now, buffets can run as high as $50 a person, and many shows along the strip are pushing $100 or more per ticket. But, with proper planning, it is possible to find discounted, cheap and free activities in Vegas. Here’s a short guide for those visiting Vegas on a budget.

Hotels Deals in Vegas:
If you plan far enough ahead in advance of your trip, it’s possible to get some great hotel deals online. These are available primarily by signing up to become a member of rewards programs, such as Total Rewards, offered by Caesars Entertainment; or M Life, offered by MGM Resorts. Sign up online several months before your trip, and discounted hotel rates for all the hotels that are part of these rewards programs will start heading your way within a couple of weeks. Find More Deals at . Once in Vegas, pick up your Total Rewards or M Life cards at your hotel and use the card whenever you gamble, buy souvenirs at the hotel gift shop or eat at eligible restaurants to earn points that can be cashed in for play money and other freebies.

Save Money on Food:
There are some fabulous buffets in Vegas, and they carry a fancy price tag. To save money, consider purchasing the Buffet of Buffets, a 24-hour pass accepted at several hotels: Caesars Palace; Flamingo; Planet Hollywood; Bally’s; Imperial Palace; Paris; The Rio; and Harrah’s.

The cost is $44.99 for Total Rewards members – signing up for Total Rewards is free and can be done online or at any Total Rewards hotel – and $49.99 for non-members. For Special Deals view VegasTourism’s website.

Although this may seem pricey, these buffets run around $20 to $50 per person per visit, and the pass allows you to eat as many times as you want in a 24-hour period, so it’s possible to save start money after just one or two visits. The pass expires 24 hours after it is purchased, so it’s a good idea to purchase it prior to breakfast; then try to eat that day’s three meals and attend breakfast before the pass expires the next morning. That’s four meals for about $50, including tax. Not a bad deal!

It’s also worth noting that drinks – soft drinks, beer, wine and some cocktails – are FREE while gambling at most casinos, but it’s expected that servers should be tipped at least $1 per drink.

For more information, visit: .

Media Contact:
Holly Campbell

Thank you to our Partners: Public Auction Finder ( ) and Planeta ( ).

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New Book Concerns the Fate of Malaysia Flight MH370

Landing At Aipotu

PRINCETON, N.J., July 30, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — An informative new book, concerning the fate of Malaysia Flight MH370, together with comments on media treatment and the need for improved tracking has been published by Outskirts Press: “THE LANDING AT AIPOTU: A FANTASY ACCOUNT OF FLIGHT MH370″ by John F. Brinster.

Media accounts of its aborted flight were merged with a fictional story in process at the time of its loss on 8 March 2014. Contrary to indications of the most likely scenario, it suggests alternatives for possible consideration.

“The Landing at Aipotu: A Fantasy Account of Flight MH370″ by John F. Brinster, is based on speculation following its mysterious disappearance with no sign of debris found anywhere.

The new story is contained in the fifth book of the popular (Professor) Cackekry series, a collection of unusual books of subtle literary satire on behavioral function of the mammalian human mind, especially with respect to incessant warfare, increased terrorism, and unending religious conflict. Aipotu, Utopia in reverse, is a natural plateau and airstrip located in the heart of the Himalayas described in prior books.

Copies of recent books are available to qualified reviewers through the publisher (Outskirts Press, 10940 S. Parker Rd, Parker, CO 80134; Tel 1 888-672-6657) and for sale to the public, in paper and electronic format, are from outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. See reference website: .

John F. Brinster, scientist and author, is a magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton University where he created technology for World War II weaponry and advanced aircraft testing. He was a member of the National V-2 Panel and worked with Wernher von Braun at White Sands Proving Ground, N.M., in testing early missiles for American military and space flight, preparatory to the first U.S. earth satellite and the moon landing programs.


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SuiteAmerica Commits to Feed the Hungry


WASHINGTON, D.C., April 9, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Move For Hunger is thrilled to announce that SuiteAmerica is the first nationwide corporate housing provider to join the only international network of relocation companies dedicated to ending hunger.

Move For Hunger was founded on the concept that when people move, they often throw out a good deal of “stuff.” Unfortunately, a lot of this “stuff” is food that could be delivered to a family in need rather than just left behind. SuiteAmerica locations in Washington D.C. have committed to support the hungry by providing a collection container for non-perishable food items, giving clients the option to donate unwanted food upon checking-out. Bargain Movers Inc. of Maryland will be providing their services to transport and deliver the donated food directly to local food banks. The service is free to customers, and turns every extended stay into an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, simply by donating non-perishables upon checking out.

Over 50 million Americans experience food insecurity. Children are especially vulnerable to hunger with 17 million American children going to bed hungry each night. One in eight District households is struggling against hunger.

“We are thrilled to have SuiteAmerica join us in the fight against hunger,” says Kristy Redford, Development Director at Move For Hunger. “With such devastating hunger statistics at both the local and national level, their efforts will provide crucial support to the food bank’s mission to feed the hungry.”

Move For Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with relocation companies to combat the growing hunger problem in the United States and across North America. SuiteAmerica joins over 600 moving companies and 5,000 real estate partners that have already committed to Move For Hunger.

“SuiteAmerica has always believed in being a responsible corporate citizen,” says Lorna Bosco, SuiteAmerica National Relocation Business Manager. “This partnership with Move For Hunger was a natural fit. We are providing our clients with a very easy opportunity to give back. Now when clients check-out they will have an option to leave their food vs. throwing it out – they can leave knowing their food will be donated to the local food bank and that they are making an important contribution to hunger in the community. We are pleased to be the first corporate housing provider to partner with Move For Hunger and look forward to rolling this program out in locations across the United States.”


Move For Hunger is a national nonprofit that works with relocation companies across North America to pick up unwanted, unopened food from those who are relocating and deliver it to local food banks. To date, Move For Hunger is working with over 600 movers in 47 states and has collected more than 2,800,000 pounds of food. For more information or to find out how you can help support Move For Hunger, visit .


Since 1990, SuiteAmerica has been providing quality corporate housing services that help take the stress out of relocating. SuiteAmerica’s cornerstone to success is their dedication to superior service. The company provides fully furnished, accessorized apartments, primarily to transferees and those placed on temporary assignment by their employers. In addition, SuiteAmerica offers Personal Transition Services, complete Online Account Management and car rental services. Some of the best-known companies in America choose SuiteAmerica for their corporate housing needs. For more information visit, .

Move For Hunger 1930 Heck Avenue Bldg. 1, Ste. 1 Neptune, NJ 07753.

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Permanent Weight Loss Solution in 5 Minutes Discovered by Behavior Modification Expert

Gene Hirschel NEW YORK, N.Y., March 22, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — According to the Center for Disease Control website, as of 2010 over 35 percent of Americans above the age of twenty are considered obese, and over 69% are considered overweight. Not surprisingly this has caused an increased interest in discovering easy and approachable weight loss plans in the form of fad diets, gadgets, medications, or even risky surgical procedures. According to Gene Hirschel, Behavior Modification Expert and founder of Vital Trance, many of these do not provide lasting results for all. Without addressing the underlying emotional issues, diets and even surgery will not bring lasting weight loss and health improvement for some.

Hirschel has used much of his twenty-five years of experience helping his clients alter their subconscious to lose weight. With over 20 years of training in various advanced behavior enhancement technologies, Hirschel has successfully used his skills in many area schools through his “Teach the Teachers” stress and classroom management programs. More recently he has used his techniques directed toward the New York City vibrant acting community in preparing for those stress-filled auditions. Attendees break through barriers, fears, anxiety and existing mental limitations to conquer stress and become calm teachers or achieve “Audition Mastery.”

Hirschel decided to take his techniques one step further with a breakthrough that he now refers to as his “5-minute weight loss miracle.” Hirschel said “I have now demonstrated that in just five minutes I can banish a craving for a particular food, which can result in significant weight loss for many clients. As a part of my comprehensive ‘Vital Trance’ weight loss program, clients often reach their target weight in a gradual, consistent and healthy manner without the stress often found in diets. In fact, I promise clients that they can eat anything they want, as much as they want, enjoy food more than ever and still lose weight.”

The methods that Hirschel uses realign a persons desire for food with their body in a healthy way, so the desire for food naturally focuses on healthier alternatives without a need for strict rules or a diet.

His innovative new approach that makes it possible to “banish a food craving in 5-minutes” is successful because it delves deep into the mind and disconnects unhealthy attachments to sugars and processed fats. Clients explore their subconscious gustatorial proclivities and often release emotions connected to food and eating. The result is profound mental and behavioral shifts leading to a desire for natural healthy foods and exercise. As a result, these clients are able to better control their cravings and thus their waistline, seemingly without effort.

Here are five benefits Gene says are the key to the success of his method to “banish a food craving in 5-minutes” combined with the Vital Trance program:
1. Clients release cravings for selected unhealthy foods in just five minutes.
2. It realigns the mind and body which naturally increases the desire for healthy lifestyle choices
3. New eating strategies often can last for years with minimal reinforcement.
4. No will-power, diets nor strict rules are necessary for losing weight with this program.
5. Thoughts such as “I must clean my plate” are banished often in the first session.

As the warm months are finally upon us, thoughts turn to beach wear and activities, and both men and women exert extra effort to keep get a trimmer body. Thoughts of slipping into wedding or bridesmaids gowns or trying on a new bikini remind us that diet season is once again beginning. Hirschel offers a concrete and safe alternative to the up and down roller coaster of diet fads, dangerous diet supplements, and even risky weight-loss surgery. With trimmer and heather minds and bodies, Hirschel’s clients are able to embrace the warm weather, enjoy outdoor activities and confidently sport revealing summer attire.

About Gene Hirschel:

Gene Hirschel is a renowned expert in behavior coaching, Ericksonian methods and his own advanced Vital Trance techniques. With over twenty-five years of experience working with individuals, couples and in his many “Manage your Mind” seminars, he has used his talents in both New York City and across the globe, helping his clients regain control of their lives through his approach to weight loss, stress management, and overcoming personal challenges. His methods have been so successful, that he has been sought after by corporations, schools, private groups and government agencies in the New York metropolitan area.

More information: .

EDITORIAL NOTE: this press release replaces and supersedes a similar release issued on March 18, 2014, titled “Programming Your Health: Behavior Modification Expert Unveils Permanent Weight Loss Solution in 5-10 Minutes” which contained several inadvertent errors. This version should correct and replace prior news item where possible.

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Plant a Tree in Ireland with Ever Irish Gifts

Plant Ireland Tree CLEVELAND, Ohio, Feb. 24, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ever Irish Gifts, an e-commerce site, today announced a distinctive way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, anniversary or marriage or to memorialize someone’s life – plant a tree in Ireland in their honor or memory.

“Planting a tree in Ireland is more than a gift,” says Douglas Bell, president and co-founder, Ever Irish Gifts. “It contributes to a way of life. Living trees have played a central role in the practical and daily spiritual lives of the Irish people for hundreds of years. Trees served as landmarks and icons of family and clan identity, and their importance can be measured by the great number of tree-based place names in Ireland. Of the 16,000 towns in Ireland, 13,000 are named after trees.”

Trees symbolize strength and life and planting a tree in Ireland is a unique Irish gift to be treasured forever. The tree is planted by the Lisnavagh Timber Project in partnership with Ever Irish Gifts’ Roots in Ireland and will be located in County Carlow on the Lisnavagh Estate in Rathvilly.

And, because sustainability and regeneration of the Irish woodlands is of critical importance, this tree, planted as a young sapling, will contribute to maintaining and repopulating the country’s forestry, helping to keep Ireland green and providing satisfaction for future generations in years to come.

“There are no other companies out there that offer such an extraordinary Irish gift,” Bell says. “We are thrilled to add this to our exclusive selection of Irish gifts, and it’s just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, too.”

Other Irish gift offerings include the ability to buy a piece of land in Ireland in someone’s name.

Specific product details about planting a tree in Ireland can be found here: .

About Ever Irish Gifts: features traditional and contemporary artisan gifts imported from Ireland and the British Isles. They offer impeccable quality, innovative design and superior artisan mastery. Products range from Irish sweaters, jewelry and Irish crystal to home decor, linen and more. Many of the products tell a story and inspire nostalgic passion.

Yearly, Douglas and Laura, his wife and company co-founder, travel to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England to discover emerging artists. All items are housed at a warehouse in the U.S. for fast and easy shipping.

For more information, visit: .

More information and media queries:
Douglas J. Bell
of Ever Irish Gifts

* Photo 300dpi: .
* Photo Caption: A unique Irish gift – plant a tree in Ireland.

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KiwiGeeker Software Introduces Global Freeware – KiwiG PhonTunes for Users Who’re not into iTunes to Conquer Multi-platform Music Transfer Barrier

PhonTunes HONG KONG and NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — KiwiG PhonTunes, launched by KiwiGeeker – the pioneering music transfer and data management solution provider – is the only lifetime free music transfer software for users that require a need for music transfer across multiple devices and platforms (iOS / iTunes / PC / Android / External disk).

Whoever doesn’t like using iTunes can now fully enjoy limitless music migration with this “extended iTunes” solution.

Since its release to the market, KiwiG PhonTunes generated quite positive feedback from reliable download and review sites such as Baixaki and Softpedia. It’s highly recommended due to the user-friendly interface, practical easy-to-use functions and multiple music transfer methods. It’s the real-deal software, charging no fees at all whether in future version updates or extended functions.

Usually, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can only rely on iTunes as their way of keeping things in check – to sync songs and playlists via iTunes with USB cables. That is how Apple wants you to do it. Considering the increasing demands in music transfer between various platforms, KiwiG PhonTunes remains the current functions that iTunes realizes in iOS devices, and at the same time it enhances functions to keep a user’s music files on a computer and then sync it across to multiple channels – Android, external disk all included – and vice versa. It now completely solves the hassle and buries the multi-platform limitation in history.

This featured freeware will display all detected music libraries in an intuitive graphic interface, to explore the audio tracks on devices with ease. Users will select, manage the pathways of music data and accomplish the quick transferring in seconds. The utility not only scans for duplicate files, also it helps users to customize the details of the songs, and then transfer batches of songs. Users can completely rely on it as a daily music backup tool for its features with recovering an iTunes library to the local folder.

Key features:
* Barrier-free Music Transfer Freeware – Migrate music files across multiple platforms including from or to iDevice/iTunes/PC/Android/Other devices.
* Restore your entire iTunes library to computer and back-up in local folder.
* Intelligent Music Manager – Identifies the duplicates between devices, iTunes and music libraries and lets you keep or remove.
* Smart Music Property Editing Utility – Able to adjust the song’s name and rating; modify the album title, artist name and genre.
* Superior Library Migration Utility – Able to move entire playlists with ratings between iOS and iTunes.
* Sorts for Smart Management – Newly added music files sort automatically with simple selection options for transfer.
* Music Resource Database – View all existing music files stored in iOS devices/iTunes/Android/PC/other devices.

More information visit: .

About KiwiGeeker:

“Intelligent, clean, and fresh software solutions for music lovers.”

KiwiGeeker’s mission is to provide useful, clean and fresh software and solutions for your music transfer and data management needs. With this in mind, every product is developed under the principles of ease-of-use and high-practicality. Our aim to empower every user to freely handle complicated hassles, nurture a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of music transfer and data management, and ultimately to enable any user to easily interact with their digital environments like professionals. To learn more or experience KiwiGeeker software and solutions, visit our website at .

For more information, contact:

*Photo image:

Disclaimer: Use of any music transfer software should not be used to circumvent any copy protection per local and international copyright laws. All trademarks acknowledged.

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Book ‘The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business’ has put in busy two months since release, from NAMM2014 to MMC18

Music Business LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 30, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A new book, “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business” (ISBN: 978-1608325788; Greenleaf Book Group Press) by Loren Weisman is now available in 26 different countries as well as an eBook edition (ISBN: 978-1608325795). The book delivers the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of the steps musicians and bands have to take to succeed in music.

Written by music business consultant Loren Weisman, “The Artist’s Guide” provides a roadmap for the artist’s journey from passion to profession. The foreword was written by session guitarist, producer and writer Elliot Randall of Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers and Saturday Night Live fame.

“It’s not about the amount of time you put in, it is the way you spend the time on the work you need to get done. My goal for the book was to give people the ideas and methods that they can apply to be as productive as possible with as many aspects of the business as possible,” says Weisman.

Currently on the road, Loren and the book stopped by NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, this past weekend and will visit 6 states in February including the Millennium Music Conference in Pennsylvania and then head over the border to some stops in Canada.

To quote a review from John G Scott on – “Of all the valuable points to be made about ‘The Artist’s Guide,’ let me especially praise the lists of questions and considerations that appear in almost every section. These can be of immense help for anyone faced with decisions on recording better songs, finding a manager or publisher, running a band, working with a songwriting partner, and creating marketing materials. There is a nice feel to the book – in urging you to ask these questions of yourself, Weisman seems to be coming from a good place.”

In the book Weisman writes: I do not claim to have all the answers, but I do know you must take a hard, cold look at yourself, your music, your band, and what you are doing, while assessing those things you might need to change and those things that should remain the same. “This book will help you accomplish that,” said John Scott G in his review.

As a music business consultant and speaker, Weisman works to help independent artists, musicians, bands, labels and businesses achieve sustainable success. Weisman is also the Spokesperson for the Musicians Community Artists Bridge – in its first phase of launch: .

More information about Weisman: – or the book: .

Greenleaf Book Group Press ( ) is an Austin, Texas-based independent publisher. Information: Abby Kitten at 512-891-6100.

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* Image Caption: Book jacket, “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business” by Loren Weisman.

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Children Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Song

Valentines Songs LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 23, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — On February 14, Valentines Day, most people think of romance, flowers, candy, and candlelit dinners. But children also celebrate by sending and receiving valentines, dreaming up DIY projects for their parents, siblings, and teachers — and they are definitely pleased about the candy!

“Children’s parties are a way to celebrate this delightful holiday and that’s where Ruth Roberts Music can help,” states Susan Nicoletti, Director of Operations for Goldenrod Music, the publishing company overseeing Roberts’ songs. She is pleased to direct parents and teachers to the album “Valentine Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone,” available on iTunes.

“When Ruth Roberts put the finishing touches on her series of children’s albums for all major American holidays, she included Valentine’s Day as worthy of celebration by the little ones,” Nicoletti says. “Ruth knew how much children enjoyed a day that put love front and center, and she figured — rightly so — that they would want to celebrate it in song.”

The songs in this collection are designed to be fun for everyone, even the very youngest family members. “Good old-fashioned sing-alongs never go out of style,” Nicoletti adds. “And in addition to being cute songs, they are all Rated G for all audiences,” Nicoletti states. She has an excellent idea of what “G-Rated” means because for 5 years prior to working with Ruth Roberts Music she was on the ratings board for the Motion Picture Association of America.

About Ruth Roberts:

Several songs by Ruth Roberts are known to every sports fan: “Meet the Mets,” “It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game,” and “Mr. Touchdown, USA.” Her love songs hit the charts in recordings by Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Theresa Brewer, Jimmy Dean, The McGuire Sisters, Patti Page, Vic Damone, Arthur Godfrey, Steve Allen and Eydie Gorme.” Movie and TV viewers have heard Roberts’ songs in “Yes Man,” “The Benchwarmer,” “A Dirty Shame,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Seinfeld,” and the Conan O’Brien show.

The Beatles recorded Roberts’ song “Mailman Bring Me No More Blues,” which is on the Anthology 3 album. But it is for children’s music that Ruth Roberts may be best known, starting with her work with Bob Keeshan, who was the TV icon Captain Kangaroo.

“Teachers and educators can discover more about the many musicals written by Ruth Roberts for a K-through-grade-6 curriculum,” states Nicoletti.

More Information:

For more information about Ruth Roberts and her music for children, families, and sports fans, please visit and for an interview with Susan Nicoletti, please contact John Scott G of G-Man Marketing.

John Scott G

Video of “If Everybody Sent a Valentine” – .

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Specialty Relocation Services Company Commits to Fight Hunger – J.E. Kelleher Inc. Becomes Partner of Move For Hunger

Fight Hunger BRISTOL, Conn., Jan. 23, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Move For Hunger is proud to announce the partnership of J.E. Kelleher Inc. of Bristol, Conn. at the Mission Level. J.E. Kelleher joins other relocation industry leaders in supporting Move For Hunger, the only non-profit organization that works within the relocation industry to end hunger.

Move For Hunger works with moving companies, real estate agents and other members of the relocation industry to combat the growing hunger problem in North America by providing lifesaving meals from people who are moving and increasing awareness to the issue of hunger.

Many people throw out a good deal of “stuff” when they move. Unfortunately, a lot of this “stuff” is food that could be delivered to a family in need rather than thrown away.

“We are so happy to have J.E. Kelleher Inc. join the Move For Hunger family for 2014,” says Gavin Christiansen, director of operations at Move For Hunger. “Their partnership provides vital support to our mission of delivering lifesaving meals to food banks across the United States.”

J.E. Kelleher Inc., industry leader in quality third party services is celebrating their 20 year anniversary and Mission Partnership with Move For Hunger in 2014. Everyone at J.E. Kelleher is proud to support Move For Hunger’s efforts to fight hunger. As added support their service providers will be including hunger awareness materials to customers urging them to donate unopened food before their move. J.E. Kelleher received AMSA’s 2012 Supplier Summit Award and will be announcing the 2013 recipient at AMSA’s 95th annual convention in February. J.E. Kelleher is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard and utilizes a strict background check program on all technicians. J.E. Kelleher has been and continues to be committed to maintaining the highest quality third party services for household goods relocation industry.

About Move For Hunger:

Move For Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with relocation companies across the country to pick up unopened food from those who are moving and deliver it to local food banks across the country. To date, Move For Hunger is working with over 550 movers in 47 states and Canada and has collected more than 2.3 million pounds of food. For more information or to find out how you can help support Move For Hunger, visit .

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Sexy Valentine’s Gift from Envy Corner

sensual fashions LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 21, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — What is important about Valentine’s other than bringing two loved ones together to celebrate their special moment? “There is nothing else that would be more important,” says Armen Leylekian of Envy Corner, “the Valentine’s Day gift should be aimed to accomplish the same thing.”

When you have two loved ones, a candle light, a bottle of champagne leading to a more intimate moment, one addition perfecting this moment would be to make the evening more sensual by the woman to slip into a sensual ware. Nothing says romance and “IN LOVE” like a sexy lingerie from Envy Corner.

Whether you’re a husband or a boyfriend, trying to buy a sexy Valentine present for your woman or whether you are a wife or a girlfriend, trying to be the Valentine’s present to your man, Envy Corner makes it easy for you all.

So throw away your old PJs and come get lingerie such as a sexy chemise or a baby doll lingerie from Envy Corner. Now is the best time, since Envy Corner has announced their special discount, aimed at Valentine shoppers. You can now have 10 percent off the merchandise or get free shipping with orders over $50.

About Envy Corner:

Envy Corner is one of the largest retailers of sexy lingerie. Founded in 2010, Envy Corner has earned the trust of their customers ensuring a safe, secure, affordable online shopping experience. works closely with wholesalers to provide quality merchandise with affordable prices, because each and every customer should be fully satisfied. With all these factors in mind, Envy Corner provides a private shopping experience each and every time in addition to many specials and incentives given regularly.

Take advantage of Envy Corner’s unbeatable prices with their current specials for Valentine’s day from and be the sexiest you can be!

Media Info: Lilia Chakarian 818-397-4775

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Tomorrow is Treasure Island Day: Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale shares common thread with Spanish warship buried on Assateague Island

La Galga Spanish Galleon KITTY HAWK, N.C., Nov. 12, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — New Maritima Press’ John Amrhein, author of the award winning book “Treasure Island: The Untold Story” (ISBN 978-0983084303), reminds everyone that November 13 is “Treasure Island Day,” and among the many locations which played a role in a true story of buried treasure that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson is Assateague Island.

Assateague Island, famous for wild ponies and a legendary Spanish galleon, is now linked to a tale of buried treasure. In fact, that treasure is the most famous treasure in the world thanks to Robert Louis Stevenson.

On August 18, 1750, seven Spanish ships cleared Havana Cuba for Spain. A week out they encountered a hurricane forcing the disable fleet into the north bound Gulf Stream wrecking the fleet along the North Carolina and Virginia coast.

The galleon, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, arrived at Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina, dismasted with no rudder. She was towed to safety inside the inlet and anchored in Teach’s Hole where Blackbeard had been killed in 1718. Captain Juan Manual Bonilla made the fatal mistake of hiring Owen Lloyd and his one-legged brother from Hampton Roads to rescue his million dollar cargo. On October 20, they sailed away with over a hundred chests of silver. John Lloyd was captured immediately but Owen made it to Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands where he buried most of his booty on November 13, 1750. Exactly one hundred years later, Robert Louis Stevenson was born on November 13, 1850. He would write his classic tale of fiction about returning to that island.

The 1750 fleet inspired another children’s literary classic. At Assateague Island, the escorting galleon, La Galga, ran ashore on September 5, 1750. Her captain and crew made it safely to shore from the wreck on a raft and with help from the local Indians. Unfortunately, two chests of silver were lost off the raft, but the real treasure that was left was not gold or silver but a pervasive legend.

In 1946, Marguerite Henry heard the story of the wild ponies on Assateague and that they had come from a wrecked Spanish galleon. The shipwreck she had heard about was La Galga although the popular legend did not recall a name of the ship or date of the wreck. The event had been remembered for centuries by the locals of Chincoteague and the surrounding area. Some locals even recalled the exact location of the forgotten inlet which contains the buried shipwreck. That knowledge aided maritime historian, John Amrhein, Jr., in his search and discovery of the remains of La Galga in 1983 within the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Marguerite Henry’s book, Misty of Chincoteague, published in 1947, made the horses world famous and today they are an integral part of the economy and culture of the Eastern Shore.

The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge will soon issue its long overdue Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) which establishes a fifteen year preservation plan for not only wildlife but cultural resources and public use. It has been indicated that La Galga will be included in the conservation plan, an important step towards her inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

November 13 is Treasure Island Day. This event promotes the many places involved in the story of the real Treasure Island and recognizes their role in the making of this true life drama. From Ocracoke, North Carolina, and Hampton Roads, Virginia, down to the Caribbean Islands of Tortola, Norman Island, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. Eustatius, Anguilla, cross the Atlantic to Cadiz, Spain, Greenwich, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, and Flintshire, Wales, back again to Scituate, Massachusetts, and Carmel, California, each played a unique role. And last, but far from the least, is Assateague Island, which holds the last remnant of this truly historic fleet. Two classics in children’s literature are tied to the former warship buried beneath Assateague. For more, visit and read John Amrhein’s award winning book “Treasure Island: The Untold Story.”

More information: .

Media Contact:
John Amrhein
New Maritima Press

* PHOTO 72dpi:

* Photo Caption: La Galga, Assateague’s Legendary Spanish Galleon.

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Students use Social Media to help Victims of Earthquake in Philippines

Adelina Award CEBU CITY, Philippines, Oct. 17, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In efforts spearheaded by the World Mind Network, Friends Beyond Borders, and Batangas Varsitarian, young people from around the world used Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype, Friendster, and SMS tracking sites to help rescuers locate and aid victims of the recent earthquake in the central Philippines. The 7.2 magnitude quake struck the region of Bohol Island and Cebu just after 8 a.m. local time on October 15, 2013.

So far 161 have been confirmed dead, with hundreds injured, 19,000 homes severely damaged, and major losses to roads and infrastructure. According to Sarah Mendel and John Toomey of the World Mind Network, students from Stanford, Harvard, Emory, Utah, the University of Batangas, Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines, and several others participated.

“It’s becoming more and more obvious that the power people possess in the palm of their hand, namely their Smart phone or tablet, has enormous power to help people instantly,” said Toomey. “Disasters like this are the most self-evident example, but the same principle applies to every kind of humanitarian, public health, and educational assistance.”

Every month the Adelina Award is presented by to someone who has performed heroically on behalf of Batangas or the Philippines in the fields of Humanitarian aid, Education, Public Health, Disaster Relief, or Economic Improvement.

This week five Adelina Awards are being announced, all for people and organizations who have rendered service far beyond the call of duty in helping the victims of the Bohol earthquake:

Robert Michael Poole: Mr. Poole traveled all over Bohol on the day of the quake, taking photos which documented the destruction. Many were useful in helping rescuers locate and save victims. You can see his photos here: .

Mae of Natura Vista resort in Bohol, who is offering free lodging packages to those who donate to earthquake relief: .

Bangon Bohol, a group of Boholanos from throughout the Philippines who have devoted thousands of hours to helping victims: .

Narcisa Barbanida has been awarded the honor posthumously. She died saving her daughter. See: .

Philippine Airlines (PAL), which has activated its Humanitarian Cargo Grant program. PAL will accept donations to be transported for free to Tagbiliran City in Bohol and Cebu. Certified volunteer doctors and medical specialists who will be participating in the ongoing relief efforts may also receive free air transportation via PAL.

Help is still needed, and resources and information on how to assist are listed on the group’s site at as well as at For more information, or to make suggestions contact

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American Poet Aaron Ozee Nearly Shocks The Nation

ADDISON, Ill., June 25, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Starting in February 2012, renowned author and entrepreneur Aaron Ozee compiled his poetic works into a beautifully constructed collection of boundary-breaking masterpieces that would stun literary minds across the United States. At first, Ozee believed that if even a single person were to enjoy what he had written for the world to witness, it would mean more to him than anything he has or would ever experience in his lifetime.

According to the author, Ozee hilariously underestimated what he had created and with the uprising of his first title “Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm” (ISBN: 9781304103871), his name was no longer kept in the shadows of society, but recognized heroically for his youthful enthusiasm towards literature and his unique innovations in the realm of poetry.

Months following Ozee’s initial debut on the world’s leading online self-publishing market, he had begun working on three other titles, “Peacefully Poetic” (ISBN 9781304103956), “Scribed Asylum” (ISBN 9781304104045), and “Southern Style (ISBN 9781304104144), which eventually turned him into an overnight sensation; April 2012. Promoting his works just through a single market of strictly “print-on-demand” only through Lulu seemed to level Ozee’s aspiration a bit and encouraged him to expand his products into yet another groundbreaking arena. Introducing his titles to the eBook market would be a challenge for Ozee, especially since he desired to get his books listed with big chain retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo Books, Sony, and many others who would aid his quest in making it to the top.

Feverishly looking for the quickest solution to resolve his blocked issue, Ozee has at last stumbled upon a company called Smashwords Inc., which would inevitably turn into Ozee’s primary eBook publisher and get him listed with some of the largest bookstore chains in the world. February 2013, an entire year following the release of his first book, Ozee had at last finalized his childhood mission in achieving the impossible. Media giants would soon publish articles about his success story through websites that would eventually place Ozee on the path to a very fulfilling and profitable career.

May 2013, Ozee had released his fifth title, “Horrific Paradise” (ISBN 9781304104427), which immediately became an instant success upon its release online, both through Lulu and Smashwords.

Today, Ozee says that he “stands as one of the youngest and most successful authors in the world and continues to break literary records through tireless hard work and effortless motivation.” Ozee was interviewed by a reporter for an online journal in which he stated, “Never once did I ever think that I would become something in which I believed to be unreachable, but by telling myself to keep on trying, I was able to accomplish something in my life that changed me for the better.”

Aaron Ozee is persistently “seeking media attention to cover his latest and greatest milestones” and would appreciate any media inquiries or offers, so feel free to contact Aaron at:

Learn more about books by Aaron Ozee at: .

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The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Original Stories Published as e-Book by Cultmachine

Ford FairlaneLOS ANGELES, Calif., May 30, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Marking the 23rd anniversary of “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane,” the controversial 1990 motion picture released by 20th Century Fox, directed by Renny Harlin, and starring Andrew Dice Clay, indie e-Book publisher Cultmachine is offering Ford Fairlane fans for the first time the original stories on which the movie was based.

“The Adventures of Ford Fairlane” (ISBN: 978-0-9840327-6-1), unavailable since first publication in 1980 as serialized weekly episodes in the New York Rocker and the LA Weekly, the stories were written by journalist and screenwriter Rex Weiner. In the two gritty tales, private eye Ford Fairlane, the music industry’s “rock n roll detective,” solves cases involving the punk rock and new wave scenes in New York City and Los Angeles in the late-1970′s.

The stories are offered at in a single e-Book edition for $4.99 via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

“The Adventures of Ford Fairlane has become a cult classic with a dedicated fan-base around the world,” said Rex Weiner. “I’m pleased that Cultmachine, in response to many requests, is offering these stories in which I created the character played on the big screen by Andrew Dice Clay.”

About Cultmachine:
Cultmachine ( ) is the brainchild of filmmakers and writers Andreas Kossak and John Huff. It is an independent e-publishing label where writers help each other succeed and retain full control of their work. With a focus on cult audiences, this label presents e-Books of movie-related fiction and non-fiction, screenplays, and all those exciting works which go beyond the strict confines of commercial publishers.

Cultmachine also publishes a webzine, “Cultnik,” featuring articles, interviews, and essays written from the perspective of curious fans and readers who are interested in who and what they like – as in “worship,” the original meaning of the Latin word “cultus.”

Video (orig. movie trailer): .

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Huskies for Adoption Hermosa Beach Saturday May 25, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fiesta HermosaPALMDALE, Calif., May 21, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Want to know what Snow Dogs do in the summer? They go to Hermosa Beach, of course. Husky Haven of LA announced today that huskies will be coming to the Fiesta Hermosa annual event in Hermosa Beach this Saturday May 25 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The huskies will be located in front of the Comedy Store.

Beautiful, affectionate huskies available for adoption will greet guests with plenty of cuddles and kisses. Potential pet owners can learn all about the dogs for adoption and apply to adopt them ahead of time by visiting .

Rhonda Hallden, founder of Husky Haven of LA, a 501(c)(3) non profit charity, rescued these dogs from high kill animal shelters where, without her help, they would have been euthanized.

“There are many beautiful pets for adoption available through rescues. There is often a misconception that pets that are in rescue or in shelters are ‘bad dogs’ but the fact is that the majority are there for no fault of their own,” said Hallden.

Husky Haven of LA is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abandoned Siberian Huskies, providing food, shelter and veterinary care for them until they can find a loving home. Husky Haven is a volunteer organization and is in great need of volunteers and donations.

Nikita (pictured) is a beautiful, 2 year old Siberian Husky who will be featured at the event. Nikita is a sweet, active Siberian who is great with dogs and children and would be a wonderful addition to a family. Nikita’s information and video is featured on the Husky Haven of LA adoption “line up” at: .

Families interested in adopting Nikita or any of the other wonderful huskies available for adoption, should complete an application on the Husky Haven of LA website.

To learn more about Fiesta Hermosa, please visit .

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Citizen Tax Reformer Alleges Income Tax Scandal: Denounces Legal Fiction Used to Deprive Workers Deduction of Living Expenses

tax reform advocatePHOENIX, Ariz., April 1, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A world traveler, a U.S. citizen and Viet Nam veteran, citizen tax reform advocate, John C. Garrison, loves his country. Being a law-abiding citizen, Garrison files peacefully every year his federal income tax return and wants to pay his fair share of government support. Where Garrison sees that reform of income tax law is needed, he does not believe it should come through disrespect for existing law but through responsible legal and/or political action. As a citizen reformer, Garrison’s attention has focused on what he calls “the scandalous way in which our U.S. government uses a legal fiction to deny American workers, from janitors to corporate executives, their deduction of living expenses.”

According to Garrison, this hidden scandal did not surface until 1978 in the U.S. Tax Court case known as Reading v. Commissioner, 70 T.C. 730 (1978). Garrison explains that the Reading case involved “a married couple, William and Beverly Reading, challenging an IRS claim of income tax due.” Garrison says he is “not interested in nor does he agree with any of the constitutional issues raised by the Readings.”

“Instead,” says Garrison, “my interest is on the manner and specific language the Tax Court used to decide the Reading case.” [Click on this link to view the case online). From the language, it appears the court judge centered his decision on the issue of whether a worker's labor can be regarded as "property" sold to employers in exchange for a wage or salary. For Garrison, the significance of this issue in the Reading case is apparent when one considers that subsection (2) of Section 212 of the U.S. Tax Code allows for the deduction of "all the ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year - (2) for the management, conservation, or maintenance of property held for the production of income" (click here to view this law online).

Garrison noted that the Reading Tax Court "agreed indirectly that, in itself, it is not unreasonable to claim that living expenses are ordinary and necessary for the maintenance and conservation of labor to produce income. The court specifically said, 'Of course we recognize the necessity for such items as food, shelter, clothing, and proper health maintenance. They provide both the mental and physical nourishment essential to maintain the body at a level of effectiveness that will permit its labor to be productive'" (70 T.C. at 733-734). So does this mean that workers can deduct their living expenses as provided by Section 212(2)? The Tax Court said no. According to Garrison, the Tax Court concluded that the reason why workers cannot avail themselves of benefits, in effect, such as Section 212(2) provides, is because these benefits apply only to "property" sold for the production of income and, the court added, "the sale of one's labor is not the same creature as the sale of property" (70 T.C. at 734). Labor, said the Court, is merely 'behavior performed by human beings in exchange for compensation'" (70 T.C. at 733).

In response, Garrison expresses that "obviously, either through ignorance, incompetence, or questionable legal practice, the court did not acknowledge, let alone explain, why numerous legal authorities contradict this bizarre and fictitious definition of labor as non-property 'behavior.' Yet, this is the legal fiction that is being used by our U.S. government to deprive without due process the property workers have in their labor and to deny their deduction of living expenses."

Garrison cites the court cases below as "two of numerous legal authorities that have confirmed the legal standing of labor as property":

1. In the late 1980s, Alvin H. Brown, Service Director of the Operations and Maintenance Department of the Chattanooga City School System, was convicted of embezzling city property defined as the labor of city workers that was purchased by Chattanooga with the wages the city was paying them. Following is how the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals described Brown's crime of embezzling city workers labor property:

"The time and labor provided by the employees of the Chattanooga City School System were purchased with public funds and thus became property, with an easily determined value, which belonged to the city. The appellant converted the proceeds of those public funds [i.e., labor property] to his own use to repay favors and create a more comfortable home for himself and his girl friend. The statute was sufficiently clear to have placed the appellant, or any other public official, on notice that the embezzlement of the labor of employees of the State of Tennessee, or any county or municipality therein, is a criminal act.” State v. Brown, 791 S.W. 2d 31, 32 (1990).

2. The legal concept of labor as property is so long-standing in U.S. law that as early as 1873, in the Slaughter-House Cases, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Swayne expressed the concept as follows: “Property is everything which has an exchangeable value, and the right of property includes the power to dispose of it according to the will of the owner. Labor is property, and as such merits protection. The right to make it available is next in importance to the [Fifth Amendment] rights of life and liberty. It lies to a large extent at the foundation of most other forms of property, and of all solid individual and national prosperity.” 83 U.S. 36, at 127 (1873).

John Garrison may be contacted at:

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Center for Student Opportunity Announces I’m First Scholarship for First-Generation College Students

Matt RubinoffBETHESDA, Md., April 1, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Center for Student Opportunity (CSO), a national nonprofit, is now accepting applications for the “I’m First” Scholarship, a $2,000 four-year renewable scholarship for matriculating first-generation college students.

In addition to the financial award, CSO provides scholarship winners the unique opportunity to blog about their college experiences and give advice to aspiring first-generation college students across the country on the “I’m First” web blog.

In October, the National Scholarship Providers Association and recognized CSO as the 2012 Scholarship Provider of the Year for the scholarship’s innovation and impact.

“Scholarship Provider of the Year Award winners demonstrate that scholarships are about more than just providing money for college. It’s about eliminating all barriers to student success,” said Fastweb publisher, Mark Kantrowitz. “I’m First has approached the challenges facing their students with creativity and innovation.”

Two winners are selected for the Scholarship Provider of the Year Award each year. Fastweb has sponsored this prestigious award since its inception thirteen years ago. Each winner receives a monetary award of $2,500 designated for their scholarship fund.

CSO has been awarding the “I’m First” Scholarship for four years and there are now 34 first-generation college student winners contributing to the blog.

In addition to the scholarship and student blog, “I’m First” is building an online community of support for first-generation college students. On first-generation college graduates, and students who will be, can take a pledge and share their personal stories via YouTube to inspire and encourage the next generation of students who will be first.

Coming soon, aspiring first-generation college students will be able to build a profile, research and connect with colleges that care about first-generation college students, and get answers to their questions to help them navigate the path to college.

The application deadline for the “I’m First” Scholarship is May 24, 2013. Students are considered first-generation college if neither parent has earned a four-year college degree. Students eligible to apply must be graduating high school (or home-schooled) seniors in the United States and matriculating to an eligible four-year college or university.

More information: and .

About Center for Student Opportunity:
Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Center for Student Opportunity is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization empowering first-generation college students on the path to and through college.

“I’m First” (, an initiative of Center for Student Opportunity, is building an online community of support for first-generation college students. In addition to showcasing first-generation college student stories, “I’m First” is helping aspiring first-generation college students find information, support, and scholarships in their pursuit of college.

* Photo Caption: Fastweb Publisher Mark Kantrowitz presents 2012 Scholarship Provider of the Year Award to Center for Student Opportunity Executive Director Matt Rubinoff.

** Costs associated with dissemination of this news announcement were donated to CSO by Neotrope(R).

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Ruth Roberts – Children’s Music Songwriter for All Seasons

Ruth RobertsLOS ANGELES, Calif., March 26, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Whatever holiday pops up on your calendar, two things are always true: kids are happy about it and the late Ruth Roberts wrote kids’ music to help you celebrate it.

“Children’s music was the special province of Ruth Roberts,” says Susan Nicoletti, Director of Operations for Goldenrod Music, the publishing company that oversees Roberts’ songs. “Her specialty was mining every holiday for its musical potential, often with lots of humor. Young kids especially love learning and singing along with her funny and pun-filled songs,” Nicoletti states.

The output of Roberts includes entire albums of songs for Spring, Easter, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, April Fools, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. “Each collection is part of a series of albums called ‘[Holiday Name] Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone,’” Nicoletti points out, adding that songs may also be purchased individually.

“People will find the sing-a-long tunes on these collections to be fun for everyone, even the very youngest family members, plus they are all G-Rated,” Nicoletti states. She knows what “G-Rated” means because for five years prior to working with Ruth Roberts Music she was on the ratings board for the Motion Picture Association of America.

About Ruth Roberts:
Ruth Roberts wrote pop, gospel, rock, blues, country, sports, and children’s songs. Every sports fan knows some of Roberts’ work, from “Meet the Mets” to “It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game” to “Mr. Touchdown, USA.” Beatles fans know that the Fab Four recorded ‘Mailman Bring Me No More Blues,’ which is on the ‘Anthology 3′ album, but they may not realize that the song was written by Roberts.

Love songs by Roberts hit the charts in recordings by Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Theresa Brewer, Jimmy Dean, The McGuire Sisters, Patti Page, Vic Damone, Arthur Godfrey, Steve Allen and Eydie Gorme.” Movie and TV viewers have heard Roberts’ songs in “Yes Man,” “The Benchwarmer,” “A Dirty Shame,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Seinfeld,” and the Conan O’Brien show.

While her children’s music career began when she worked with Bob Keeshan, TV’s Captain Kangaroo, she also excelled in the area of educational songs. “Teachers and educators can discover more about the musicals written by Ruth Roberts for a K-through-grade-6 curriculum on the Ruth Roberts Music website,” states Nicoletti.

More Information:
For more about Ruth Roberts’ music for kids, families, schools, and sports fans, please visit and for an interview with Susan Nicoletti, please contact John Scott G of G-Man Marketing.

John Scott G

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Leading Environmentalist Links Climate Change Solutions to The Trust Frequency Concept in Paradigm-Shifting New Book

Connie Baxter MarlowASPEN, Colo., March 25, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Cameron/Baxter Books announces the worldwide launch of the paradigm-shifting book “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: 10 Assumptions for a New Paradigm” (ISBN: 978-0-988747-1-3) at Explore Booksellers in Aspen, Colorado, March 29 at 5:30 p.m. Sally A. Ranney, visionary environmental leader and author of the foreword to the book, will speak on the need for fundamental, whole-systems change to enable global-level collaboration for solving climate change, the most far-reaching crisis in human history. Co-authors Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey will discuss the paradigm they present in the book at this celebration and book signing.

Ranney has thirty years of experience within the private and public sectors dedicated to environmental, water and energy policy; sustainability; biodiversity and wildlife protection; and public land management and environmental consulting. She is President of the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI) and Co-Director of the International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative (IWECI). Taking a whole systems approach, Sally has advised business leaders at some of the world’s largest companies on improving their environmental practices and performances by incorporating these considerations into company decisions. She has worked directly with three U.S. Presidents as well as leading environmental luminaries like Richard Branson, Ted Turner and Al Gore.

“Climate change has, unambiguously, put humanity on notice that we are on the cusp of great change, of making a critical choice about ourselves. Only collaboration at the global level will solve climate change, because it affects all human and natural systems. Nothing and no one will escape. This high level of collaboration can only take place if we let go of the tenets of the existing paradigm,” states Ranney in the foreword to “The Trust Frequency.”

Aspen, Colorado has been home to many world change agents over the decades. As Aspen’s premier book store, Explore Booksellers hosts the nation’s leading authors, scientists and social commentators, from today’s bestsellers and Pulitzer Prize winners to world leaders and renowned experts in their fields. Marlow, Bailey and Ranney take their place on the world stage with a new vision of the nature of reality with a bold theory of humanity’s place in a conscious loving universe; how examining and upgrading our belief system will change everything from education to business practices to climate change solutions, resulting in a currently unimaginable level of abundance and happiness.

THE TRUST FREQUENCYMarlow and Bailey, filmmakers and social philosophers who have been sharing their ideas at universities and symposia throughout the country for decades, call their new paradigm “a synthesis of quantum science, Eastern mysticism, indigenous cosmology and intuitive knowing.” Coming from divergent life experiences, they have reached similar conclusions: the prevailing paradigm is missing important information about the nature of reality, and this has resulted in a world out of balance. They challenge a number of basic assumptions which have driven humanity’s behavior for millennia and offer a new paradigm for consideration.

The three authors are Colorado-based and currently live in the Roaring Fork Valley, outside Aspen.

The book “THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” can be obtained online at and at Amazon ( ), Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and all electronic platforms.

* VIDEO: Link to Sally Ranney’s TEDxMileHigh talk: “A Matter of Degree” – .

* VIDEO: Authors interview for the book: .

* Photo Caption: “The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm” Authors: (L-R) Connie Baxter Marlow, Sally Ranney, Andrew Cameron Bailey. Photo credit: Charles Englebert.

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10-Year-Old Dance Prodigy Sophia Lucia will Attempt to Break the Guinness World Record of 36 Consecutive Pirouettes

Sophia LuciaSAN DIEGO, Calif., March 22, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — 10-year-old dance prodigy, internet sensation and featured performer on the hit TV series on Lifetime, “Dance Moms,” Sophia Lucia, will attempt to break the Guinness World Record of “36 Consecutive Pirouettes” on March 30, 2013 in her home town of San Diego, Calif. The event will take place at San Diego Dance Centre, where Sophia started dancing at the young age of 2 years.

An official adjudicator from Guinness World Records, Philip Robertson will be on hand to witness Sophia’s attempt to break the current record for the most consecutive pirouettes, which was set by Alicia Clifton (USA) completing 36 pirouettes at the “Applause Studio” in Oklahoma, USA on December 9, 2005.

Sophia says: “I am very excited for this opportunity and it’s my mom’s birthday on the 31st, so I hope to give her an early present by breaking the record.”

Kids Artistic Revue National Dance Competition and California Kisses Dancewear are sponsoring the World Record Attempt.

“Watching her grow up competing with her amazing talent,” said Owner of KAR, Noah Lands. “I’m honored to help Sophia with her Dream.”

“We are thrilled to help Sophia with this incredible opportunity and are proud to have this amazing dancer – and fashionista! – a part of our California Kisses team. There is no doubt that this partnership will bring on an incredible year in the world of dancewear!” said Angela Chittenden of California Kisses Dancewear.

“Her ability, poise and presence on stage is incredible and if Dance was in the Olympics, Sophia would be a Gold Medalist,” says the Producer of KARtv & KARtv Dance Awards, Joe M Loera.

All media inquiries can be directed to Joe M Loera, Kids Artistic Revue, Inc., p 714/826-8440 e

EVENT DATE: March 30, 2013.
Location: San Diego Dance Centre, 13125 Danielson Street, Suite 10, Poway, CA 92064.
Event Time: 1 p.m.
Attempt Time: 2 p.m.
Meet & Greet will follow the attempt: 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Produced by Kids Artistic Revue, Inc. and Joe M Loera.

About Kids Artistic Revue National Dance Competition:
Kids Artistic Revue ( ), America’s Favorite Dance Competition, is excited to enter its 31th season! KAR was established in 1982 by Noah R. Lands to provide an outstanding outlet for dancers and choreographers to showcase their talents in the Los Angeles Area. Over the years, KAR has grown from 1 day regional competitions to hosting 3 day regional events with multiple venues each weekend across the nation. KAR has also expanded their Grand National Finals to four beautiful locations: Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Panama City and Toledo. KAR is proud to be one of the oldest and most successful competitions in the industry!

About California Kisses Dancewear:
Dreamed up and designed for the little glam girl, California Kisses ( ) brings west coast inspired fashion to the world of dance. From ballet twirls to contemporary thrills, California Kisses is designed to show off your tiny dancer’s individual personality and creativity both on and off the stage. In 2013, California Kisses has teamed up with young dance prodigy, Sophia Lucia, to introduce the Sophia Lucia for California Kisses Collection. With fun and fresh styles created in dainty silhouettes and luxury fabrics, the brand sets out to make every little dancer look and feel like a star. Better yet, it’s all made in California with Love and sealed with a Kiss!”

YouTube Video: .

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Workforce Investment Board Member and San Bernardino County Resident Honored with ASPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Workforce Investment BoardSAN BERNARDINO, Calif., March 20, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Audrey Mathews, County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board Member, has received the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)’s Elmer B. Staats Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Public Service. The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, March 19, at the Hilton New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, La., during ASPA’s Annual Conference.

The ASPA Lifetime Achievement award recognizes one person in the nation who has dedicated their life to public service and gone above and beyond in his or her service to the community.

Audrey was honored for her more than 35 years of work in local and state governments as a professor, budget director, planning commissioner and consultant. Currently, her significant talents are benefiting San Bernardino County and California at large, where she is focusing much of her attention on client and workforce fiscal circumstances.

“This award is truly an honor,” states Mathews. “I am grateful and humbled that I would even be considered in the same category of those who have been recognized for this award before me. I have dedicated my life to helping those in need in the communities where I live, work, and play. I never thought of my life’s dedication to the public service as something remarkable. I’m just doing what I was born to do: mentor and provide a helping hand to those in need of my services.”

Audrey currently sits on the County of San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board, serving on the business resources, economic development, youth council, and finance committees as well as chair of the legislative committee. With her help, the Workforce Investment Board continues to help numerous local businesses find and train employees by connecting them with local job seekers. The legislative committee advocates and educates others about the implications of pending legislation on our community.

She also works with the County’s Planning Commission, for which she has served as Chair. In addition, Audrey serves as a legislative advisor to the National Association Workforce Boards and the California Workforce Association. She has written workforce initiatives and testimony that was submitted to the Senate and House subcommittees on workforce issues.

“It is a joy to work with someone as dedicated and knowledgeable as Audrey,” says Sandy Harmsen, Executive Director of the Workforce Investment Board.

Along with her committee work, Audrey is CEO of Mathews and Associates, an organizational behavior and diversity management consulting firm. Audrey currently works as an adjunct Professor Emeriti at California State University, San Bernardino, where she has developed diversity management, economic development, and budget and finance curriculum for the Public Administration department and Park University in Kansas City, Missouri. Furthermore, Audrey has authored books and articles in her focus areas and serves on several local boards. She has also worked as a consultant for numerous companies, including accounting firms and airports, and served in several important administrative positions in the City Compton, Beverly Hills and the District of Columbia.

Audrey is a 2007 National Academy of Public Administration Fellow. She received her Doctor of Public Administration from the University of Southern California and Masters of Public Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Development from California State University, Northridge.

“Her education and experience make her a leader in her field, but what really sets her apart is her heart. The care she has for her community and its citizens shows through the passion and time she puts into all of her work. It is no surprise that she is being honored with this lifetime achievement award,” Sandy Harmsen added.

About the American Society for Public Administration:
The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) is one of the oldest organizations in the United States dedicated to the professionalism of public service at all levels of government. It is the largest, most prominent professional association for public administration. It is dedicated to advancing the art, science, teaching and practice of public and non-profit administration. ASPA’s four core values are Accountability and Performance, Professionalism, Ethics and Social Equity. For more information, visit .

About the Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County:
The Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County (WIB) is comprised of private business representatives and public partners appointed by the County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors. The WIB strives to strengthen the skills of the County’s workforce through partnerships with business, education and community-based organizations. The County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors is committed to providing county resources, which generate jobs and investment.

The WIB, through the County of San Bernardino’s Economic Development Agency and Workforce Development Department, operates the County of San Bernardino’s Employment Resource Centers (ERCs) and Business Resource Centers (BRCs). The ERCs provide individuals with job training, placement and the tools to strengthen their skills to achieve a higher quality of life. The BRCs support and provide services to the County’s businesses including employee recruitment. Employers and job seekers who are interested in the Workforce Investment Board programs may call: (800) 451-JOBS or visit .

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Publishers Newswire announces latest ‘Books to Bookmark’ List of 10 Interesting New Book Titles from Q1-2013

books to bookmarkLOS ANGELES, Calif., March 15, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Publishers Newswire (PNW), an online resource established in 2004 for small publishers, as well as lesser known and first-time book authors, has today announced its latest semi-annual “Books to Bookmark” list. This is a round-up of 10 new and recent books from Q4/2012 and Q1/2013 which may have been missed due to not originating from major New York book publishing houses, or “big name” authors.

“Probably the most interesting thing we’ve seen this past year, is the further explosion in self-published titles. From convicted felons, to first-time mystery ghost story authors, to children’s picture books, the fountain of creativity is really amazing,” said PNW editor Christopher Simmons. PNW’s Simmons has been a working journalist for over 30 years, and has written widely on the topic of publishing, marketing, and e-books. He is also the author of a self-published book on digital artwork.

The following list of 10 books (in alphabetical order) are provided as “worth a look” for media and booksellers, as well as avid readers of new and unique literary content. To learn more about these and other books (and e-books) in detail, visit: .


Author Mustafaa As-Salafi’s “Family Tiez” (ISBN: 978-0976224310; paperback; Level V Publishing) is the fictional story of a Muslim family’s struggle to stay together through the trials of the urban drug culture: addiction, drug dealing, dirty cops, prison, and murder; as told by someone who has walked several miles in each character’s shoes. “Family Tiez” has been an underground, nationwide, best selling novel that chronicles the story of a large-scale, illegal drug distribution enterprise in the Tri-State area. Now, re-released in eBook formats, including Kindle and iBooks. “Family Tiez” is close to, but way more than what the media and law enforcement have characterized it as: it is life imitating art. The author invites readers to witness “Family Tiez” for themselves.

On December 16, 2008, The News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware’s largest local newspaper, ran a cover story with headline: Urban fiction author pleads guilty to drug trafficking: 10 counts could get the Wilmington man life in prison. This story was about Mustafaa. The July 2008 arrest of Mustafaa was carried by various media outlets across the country, including USA Today. Mustafaa did not receive a life sentence; he is expected to be home soon.


In the new book, “Having a Whaley of a Time” (ISBN: 978-0578104836; paperback; 94pp; DKeeley Press), author and publisher Donna Keeley uses the history and “documented ghosts” from the Whaley House in San Diego, Calif. to weave an enjoyable, fictional mystery with real facts. “I wanted to do something different with the mystery genre,” says Keeley. “By pairing a fictional story with a real, haunted location I can fulfill my love of research with the fun of writing.”

Each book in the new Paranormal Mystery series features a real haunted location as the backdrop for each mystery. The ghosts documented at these locations become characters in the book and help the fictional main character Shannon MacIntyre solve her mystery. Kindle edition also available.


A new book, “Healthy Hannah’s Fitness Fables: A Promise to Yourself” (ISBN: 978-0-9852773-0-7; KidsProsper Publishing) pairs father-daughter authors in the fight against childhood obesity. The characters in “Healthy Hannah’s Fitness Fables” guide children on a healthy rhyming adventure about exercise and nutrition. Through playful and entertaining illustrations, one by one, Healthy Hannah, Maxwell Muscle, Low-Fat Larry, and Aerobic Annie delight in a healthy and fun journey from birth through adulthood. It is illustrated by a former personal trainer, Joe Romano II.

“Childhood obesity is a problem that requires multi-pronged efforts,” says Jay England, co-author. “We have to stay on top of the issue and the earlier you introduce healthy habits to children, the more likely they will practice healthy habits and engage in fitness as they grow older.”


In the new children’s book “Little Green” (ISBN: 9780981587974; Paraphrase, LLC) by author Arnold Rudnick, readers discover an important message and question to consider: Isn’t it possible? Released in “Fraugust 2012″ by independent publisher Paraphrase, LLC, “Little Green” is a picture-book for 2-7 year olds written by Rudnick, with illustrations by Marcelo Gorenman, featuring a little green frog on a quest to be special.

“It’s about time we admit that not everything is possible,” said Rudnick. “For too long, movies and books have pretended anything is possible, but kids are smart and know that’s not true. Messages that are meant to motivate quickly become empty platitudes. However, ALMOST anything IS possible! This simple, honest qualification offers a more powerful message and an inspirational lesson for everyone.”


The magisterial “collaboration” over half a lifetime between historian Dumas Malone and his subject, Thomas Jefferson, is the basis for William G. Hyland Jr.’s compelling “Long Journey with Mr. Jefferson” (ISBN: 978-1612341972; clothbound; 328pp; Potomac Books). Malone, the courtly and genteel historian from Mississippi, spent 38 years researching and writing the definitive biography of the man who “invented the United States of America.” Offering much more than most biographies, this book imparts extensive insights into Malone’s earlier years in Mississippi and Georgia, and how they shaped his character. Through interviews with his intimates, family members, rivals, and subordinates, Hyland generates a true portrait of the man behind the intellect and the myth.


The new autobiography by author Shuvender Sem, “Murder and Misunderstanding; One Man’s Escape from Insanity” (ISBN-13: 978-1479256969; paperback; 200pp; CreateSpace) is the story of Sem, who on March 1, 2004 became known as “The Maharishi Murderer.” In one moment Sem was a college student. In the next he was “The Maharishi Murderer.” Shuvender killed freshman Levi Butler without provocation on the campus by stabbing him four times in the chest with a paring knife. Deemed competent to stand trial, the judge ruled he was “not guilty by reason of insanity” at the request of both the defense and the prosecution.

Against popular belief, NGRI is an extremely rare plea, used in less than one percent of criminal cases. A not guilty result is even more uncommon, occurring just one-quarter of one percent of the time. Now, after years of psychotropic medications and intense therapy, Shuvender is telling his story of schizophrenia in his autobiography. The book is available in paperback; as well as Kindle, iPad and Nook digital editions.


In her new book, “On My Feet Again: My Journey Out of the Wheelchair Using Neurotechnology” (ISBN: 978-0988234208; paperback; 176pp; Neurotech Press), author Jennifer French, a quadriplegic and competitive sailing athlete who recently medalled at the 2012 Paralympics Games in London, tells her inspiring and intellectually stimulating story of how a determined and resourceful young woman overcame many of the obstacles that came her way after being paralyzed in a snowboarding accident. Although told she would never get out of her wheelchair, Jennifer refused to accept that fate and sought out experimental new technologies for people with spinal cord injuries.

French became a participant in a clinical trial of a neuroprosthetic system that enables her to stand up out of her wheelchair and move around on her own two feet using her own muscles, which are stimulated by 24 surgically implanted electrodes. Along the way, she helped advance the technology by working with the research team to test new features, push the limits of her strength and endurance, and prove the viability of this new therapy for thousands of other potential recipients-including injured soldiers returning from war. The book is also available in e-book format.


DJV Murphy considered the current market conditions as the backdrop to his latest book “So You Want To Be A Landlord: Tales From The Crypt” (ISBN-13: 978-1461087014; paperback). He ventures there is no bad time to invest in property. He calls it a humorous “how to” book about getting in the game of investment real estate but also offers a serious slant of avoiding the pitfalls of being a landlord. “This is not for the big hitters in the real estate investment field,” Murphy said, “but it is written with small town ‘Donald Trumps’ in mind.”

The 100 plus page book combines humor with technical information about how to succeed being a landlord and is illustrated with cartoons depicting the pitfalls and successes of owning investment real estate. The illustrator is B.J. Nartker a leading artist from California, who provided the visuals to the book. Murphy chose the illustration themes and cut lines with Nartker interpreting them as cartoons. The book is also available as a Kindle edition.


In the new book “The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery” (ISBN: 978-1-62141-693-7; 300pp; Diogenes Research;, veteran Researcher Chao C. Chien has meticulously collected and analyzed the records preserved from the previously rarely examined history of the Age of Discovery and the results are conclusive. Did the Chinese precede Christopher Columbus in discovering America? The question now has been settled once and for all.


In indie author mentor Dara Beevas’ new book, “The Indie Author Revolution: An Insider’s Guide to Self-Publishing” (ISBN 978-1-59298-504-3; paperback, 296pp; Beaver’s Pond Press), the author believes indie authors will push the publishing industry to evolve. “Legacy publishing isn’t the right answer for every author, and that’s a good thing,” she says. “Indie authors are known for catering to niche audiences overlooked by big publishers.

They’re also attracting new readers through the sales of e-books.” A writer, editor, blogger, and speaker, Beevas is vice president of award-winning Beaver’s Pond Press, where she has led hundreds of indie authors through the publishing process. Her passion for the self-publishing movement also led her to launch Wise Ink, an online support community for authors. Also available in e-book formats.

For more information on these and other books and entertainment publishing you likely have never heard of, visit: .

Publishers Newswire is an online publication, part of the Neotrope News Network. Books to Bookmark(TM), Books2Bookmark(TM), Publishers Newswire(TM), and Neotrope, are service marks and trademarks of Neotrope(R), Torrance, Calif., USA. Neotrope is a registered trademark in the U.S. and Europe. All rights reserved. All other trademarks acknowledged. Information is believed accurate but is not guaranteed. Publishers Newswire does not endorse, “recommend,” or review any of the book titles mentioned, and the specific books mentioned are for informational purpose only.

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Supporters take to the Web to Publicize Filipino Candidate for Pope

Cardinal Luis TagleMANILA, Philippines, March 6, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Only a few days have passed since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and already speculation is rampant about his replacement. In Asia, those who are devoted to one of the prime candidates, Archbishop of Manila Cardinal Luis Tagle, have mounted an Internet campaign to share their support of his potential selection, according to Batangas Varsitarian.

On websites like they even post links to social network pages of members of the College of Cardinals, so that supporters can directly message the actual decision makers who will choose the next Pope.

There has never been a Pope from Asia, and no pontiff has been chosen from outside Europe for 1500 years (since Gelasius I, who was from North Africa). Supporters of Cardinal Tagle believe that his selection would bring the world’s attention not only to the Philippines, home of 75 million Catholics, but to the vast number of Third World believers often ignored by Western media.

Says website co-director Eula Laki “We know the Church has their own selection process which is almost 2000 years old. We have no idea if God supports using social media to affect this procedure, but we decided to put the information out there and let people decide what to do according to their own consciences.”

“If nothing else,” says Angelina Ramos, one of the effort’s founders, “We will be acquainting the world with the amazing works and character of this exemplary church father.”

Already the effort has brought together many expatriate Filipinos in learning about the revolutionary work the Church has done in the Archipelago in promoting education, health care, and poverty alleviation.

Though Cardinal Tagle is an accomplished humanitarian and scholar, as a Professor of Dogmatic Synthesis at San Carlos Seminary and winner of the Adelina Award for charity work, his youthful age (56) may work against him as a potential candidate for Pope. But the founders of the movement believe their work has already been successful in throwing a spotlight on the Catholic Church in Asia.

For more information go to .

Backgrounder from Wikipedia:

Luis Antonio Tagle (Latin: Aloysius Antonius Tagle) (born June 21, 1957, in Manila) is a Roman Catholic Filipino cardinal, titular-archpriest of the Church of Saint Felix of Cantalice at Centocelle[1][2] and de facto Primate of the Philippines.[3][4] Appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, Tagle succeeded the Archbishop Emeritus, Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales. Tagle is also the Professor of Dogmatic Synthesis at the Graduate School of Theology of San Carlos Seminary, the archdiocesan major seminary of Manila, and an Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at the Loyola School of Theology of the Ateneo de Manila University.[5] Tagle is considered to be among those cardinals who can replace Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in the upcoming Conclave.[6][7].

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I.C.A.S.A. and 21 Sexual Assault Organizations Stand by Rape Survivor who was Charged

Assault MythsCARBONDALE, Ill., March 6, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Sexual Assault Myths Organization of Carbondale, says The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault 32 member board of lawmakers and professionals and 21 sexual assault organizations have hand delivered a letter to Jackson County, Ill. (home of S.I.U. University) District Attorney Mike Carr asking him to drop all charges made by his office against Melisa Vistain, who was arrested after reporting her sexual assault in March of 2012.

Dear State’s Attorney Carr:

We are asking that you drop all charges against Melisa Vistain. Victims of sexual assault often do not report the crimes perpetrated against them for fear of not being believed and being mistreated by criminal justice personnel. When they do report, law enforcement and prosecutors may decide the evidence is insufficient to proceed with charges, which is very different than deciding to prosecute the victim.

The prosecution of a sexual assault victim is devastating to the victim and chilling for current and future sexual assault victims. The clear message of this prosecution is that survivors of sexual assault must be able to prove their own innocence or face prosecution when they report a sexual assault crime.

When sexual assault is already the most under reported crime, this message is the wrong one to send. We stand in support of Melisa Vistain, applaud her courage in reporting a heinous crime to law enforcement and urge you to drop the charges immediately.

- Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Springfield, IL
- Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault, Arlington Heights, IL
- Mutual Ground, Inc., Aurora, IL
- Call for Help – Sexual Assault Victims Care Unit, Belleville, IL
- YWCA McLean County – Stepping Stones, Bloomington, IL
- The Women’s Center, Carbondale, IL
- Mujeres Latinas en Accion, Chicago, IL
- Rape Victim Advocates, Chicago, IL
- Vermillion County Rape Crisis Center, Danville, IL
- Growing Strong Sexual Assault Center, Decatur, IL
- Riverview Center – Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Services, Galena, IL
- Guardian Angel Home, Sexual Assault Service Center, Joliet, IL
- Kankakee County Center Against Sexual Assault, Kankakee, IL
- Western IL Regional Council – Community Action Agency – Victim Services, Macomb, IL
- The Center for Prevention of Abuse – Sexual Assault Services, Peoria, IL
- Family Resources, Inc. – Sexual Assault Counseling Program, Quad Cities, IL
- Quanada Sexual Assault Program, Quincy, IL
- Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling, Inc., Rockford, IL
- Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault, Springfield, IL
- YWCA of the Sauk Valley, Sterling, IL
- A Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Service, Streator, IL
- Rape, Advocacy, Counseling and Education Services, Urbana, IL
- Sexual Assault and Family Emergencies, Corp., Vandalia, IL.

More information, including PDF copy of the complete letter can be found at: .

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Southgate Surgery Center Offers Low- and No-Cost Colonoscopies to Uninsured for Greater Prevention of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer Awareness MonthSOUTHGATE, Mich., Feb. 28, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Southgate Surgery Center announced that it is again offering its complimentary screening colonoscopy program throughout March, 2013. The facility will qualify 21 applicants from Michigan who need a screening colonoscopy are aged 50 or over, uninsured, severely financially distressed and cannot afford the procedure. The facility implements the program every March to promote National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

“At most outpatient facilities, the physician, facility, anesthesia and laboratory fees could add up to $2,000 or more. An uninsured or ‘cash-pay’ patient would be required to pay 100 percent of the fee prior to their appointment – many people simply cannot afford it and would decline the potentially life-saving procedure. Our Colorectal Cancer Month program makes a difference for the underserved in our community and we are proud to offer it in conjunction with our physicians and suppliers,” states Linda Phillips, R.N. and Administrator of Southgate Surgery Center.

For an uninsured person who does not qualify for the complimentary colonoscopy during colorectal cancer month, Southgate Surgery Center provides patients with the option of using ColonoscopyAssist™ – a national program that subsidizes a large portion of the fees for a colonoscopy. The patient pays $950 and can take advantage of a payment plan option. “ColonoscopyAssist makes the screening colonoscopy accessible without compromising the quality of care,” says, Dr. Husein Poonawala, Chief Medical Advisor at ColonoscopyAssist™.

As colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. and one of the only preventable cancers. Regular screenings are essential and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and American Cancer Society. Providing lower-cost solutions for the uninsured and underinsured is an imperative for Southgate Surgery Center and ColonoscopyAssist™.

Application packages for a complimentary Colorectal Cancer Month screening colonoscopy are available for download at If computer access is not available, contact Southgate Surgery Center at (734) 281-0100 to request a package.

To request an appointment for a lower-cost colonoscopy via ColonoscopyAssist™ go to or call (847) 986-8999.

More Information:… .… .

About ColonoscopyAssist:
ColonoscopyAssist™ ( is a nationwide program providing colonoscopy procedures to underinsured communities at subsidized rates. The program offers procedures in more than 50 cities today in an effort to increase colorectal cancer screening rates amongst the uninsured. The organization is dedicated to creating awareness in society about colorectal cancer and its prevention.

About Southgate Surgery Center:
Serving Southeast Michigan and the Downriver community since 1976, Southgate Surgery Center ( specializes in ophthalmology, gastroenterology, pain management and minor general outpatient procedures. Southgate Surgery Center offers patients efficient, quality, personal care with lower co-pays and exceptional customer satisfaction. Follow them on Twitter @SSC14050 and .

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